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Lauren Robins, M.S. Special Education, author, movement educator and licensed massage therapist for 23 years, teaches breath awareness and structural integration seminars for business, organizations and individuals.

Her illustrated and informative book, The Palette of Breath: Facts About Breathing, is a guide to conscious breathing geared to all age groups and abilities. Poster Series.

The essentials of breath and movement awareness are also available on DVD. The inspirational and informative documentary, The Women of Monday Morning, is available on DVD as well.

Breath and movement affect all the organ systems. Rich oxygenation is needed to run every cell in your body.

Lauren's teachings focus on the anatomy and physiology of breath. They also focus on productivity, mental and physical health, and stress management. The class includes the experiential awareness of breath and movement for a healthier lifestyle. It is applicable to all populations.

Lauren's offerings are an interesting blend of science and humor, making the information enjoyable and interesting.

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