The Palette of Breath: Facts about Breathing

Used by educators, therapists, athletes, care givers, yoga practitioners and families, this book is a perfect teaching tool about conscious breathing and its profound benefits. Illustrations make the book perfect for visual learners of all ages.
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10 Life Enhancing Facts About Conscious Breathing

How often are you conscious of your breathing? Being mindful of deep breathing patterns has improved the health of people from all walks of life.

1. Oxygen is your Number One food.
2. Shallow breathing can harm your body.
3. Deep breathing aids in curbing digestive problems.
4. Breathing massages the heart via the diaphragm and lungs.
5. Laughter engages the healthy breath.
6. Deep breathing balances your acid/alkaline ratio.
7.Deep breathing helps with weight loss.
8. Deep breathing can lower blood pressure.
9. Shallow breathing and negative emotions go hand in hand.
10. Conscious breathing connects us with Nature.



Quotes from workshop attendees:

"I am becoming more aware of my breathing."

"I realize I hold my breath a lot."

"In 45 minutes my life has changed for the better."

"Sharing this has been wonderful for my whole family."

"Using your suggestions I am doing better on tests."



REVIEWS OF THE PALETTE OF BREATH:The Palette of Breath is an instructional guide to healthy breathing and is written in a way that involves the reader both kinesthetically and visually. The language is straightforward so that everyone can understand the science behind breathing. The Palette of Breath is ideal for teachers, parents, grandparents and children. The book is ideal to use with the following units from Family Framework: Temper Tantrums and Tears-Beginning Disciplines, Dealing with Anger, Test Taking-How to Help Your Child Prepare, Finding Balance in Stressful Lives.
Debora Tinnin
Consultant with Tx Assoc Parent Learning Network

As a Family Nurse Practitioner who has worked in a variety of settings over the last 18 years, I found The Palette of Breath refreshing in its simplicity yet distinctive in that the message it delivers is fairly complex. The way the book is written makes it "user friendly" in that it can be utilized for patients, or groups, of all ages and social backgrounds. The illustrations are wonderful and I, too, found myself expanding my belly button as I read in the book. I most appreciate the fact that the message of the book can be used to treat a variety of complaints seen by health care providers on a daily basis. I would recommend this book to any health care provider who would like to make theirt practice user friendly as is the Palette of Breath.
Alice Brown, RN, MS, FNP
Supervising Nurse Practitioner
Albany Medical College

I always tell my social work students that in order to take care of others, they first have to take care of themselves. Since it has helped me and my clients so much, I have begun to use and recommend The Palette of Breath to educate my students about the science and benefits of deep belly breathing during times of great stress and for maintaining overall health and well-being. All caregivers should read this very helpful and thoughtful book.
Carol Buchwald, CSW
Mercy College
Dobbs Ferry, NY

Just holding Lauren's book reminds me to breathe deeper and to pay more attention to how I am carrying myself. The whimsical drawings are a delight; they help to demystify the complex human body, guiding us through the pure joy that we can have in just spending a moment with ourselves. Reminding us to breathe, what greater lesson is there? Mindful breathing is essential to a whole person.
Victoria Christgau
Peace Educator-Singer
Litchfield, CT

Many patients who struggle with health issues hold their breath to some extent. They could improve their health by learning to breathe as outlined in this very contemplative book. Balancing breath has obvious benefits for controlling stress, appetite and weight. More oxygen means more cellular resources. As a practicing physician, I have seen cases in which proper breathing lowers blood pressure. I recommend this book to all my patients.
Philip Zbylot, MD, MPH
Austin, TX

From a dental perspective, I see many patients who are apprehensive prior to their dental treatment. Deep breathing can greatly diminish their stress and tension. Lauren Robins has written a delightful book for all ages regarding our breathing...which is usually subconscious and taken for granted. This book has revealed to us through whimsical illustrations and clear facts how the simple act of correct deep breathing can and will improve our overall wellness. Informative...enjoyable...easy read.
Charles E. Warlick, Jr., D.D.S.
Wimberley, TX

One night I woke with an anxiety attack. Lauren's book fell off the shelf. After reading it I was able to come back to my breathing and sleep. I have kept this poignant book by my bed.
Name withheld upon request.
Austin, TX

I am a junior high school student who feels awkward with my family and life in general. My teacher gave me this book to read. I read it from cover to cover. After I read it, I felt better and was able to do my work. I like this book. It helped me see things differently.
Name withheld upon request.
New York City, NY

A superbly imaginative and gratefully uncomplicated work that gives insights into the science of effective breathing and how it creates healthier days.
Rita Dillon, educator
New York